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Purr-fect Pet Sunglasses

 Do you Love Cat Memes? Can't Get enough?


We sure hope your furry friend does too, because these sunglasses would be Purr-fect for one cool cat.

Make your cat more than just your household pet, turn your kitty into a household personality icon with just the subtle touch of these sunglasses. (paparazzi not included)

  • Make your pet into a Star
  • Sometimes your cat is just Cooler than you Bargained for, Make sure he or she can play the part
  • Durable steel frame and plastic lens keeps your Cat Stylish even after a few drops
  • A spectacle of Feline Fashion
  • Makes a great Gift for any cat lover
Click "Add to Cart" to Feel the Memes for real and make sure your little buddy doesn't miss his most opportune moment for fame!